Losing Baby Weight While Breasfeeding

Sure. I`ve heard it too. “Dont expect to lose all the baby weight while you breastfeed.” – and let me tell you,this is true. I gained 47lbs during pregnancy,I was so swelled I was feeling like huge water tank that can solve California`s water problems in no time. And one day,I exploded and I was down 20lbs in just 2 days. My baby was born almost 7 lbs (In case you wondered).

The first couple of  weeks I was adjusting to the new person in our house,so I wasn’t worried about my weight. I did not like what I see every time I see myself in the mirror,but I was just few weeks postpartum so It was okay.  It hit me hard around Thanksgiving time,when not a single thing from my closet would fit me,and we were about to meet with people. I ended up buying leggings from Costco (Guilty I know) and rocking a lifestyle in leggings,tank tops,camisoles and cardigans & ponchos to cover my butt. This was what I wore at home,for sleeping,to go at Target or go clubbing (:D) and I was at the point when I was getting depressed from that much black on black,leggings and nursing bras. From day one I was in a postpartum shaper (Ill go over this one later) but the shaper didn`t help me with my thighs or butt so I sat down on my computer and did some extensive research on the fitness programs currently on the market.

And found the Beach Body Website. They have some serious stuff,lots of choices and gave me tons of reviews to read. I ended up buying 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme. I,however,didn’t fall for their Shakeology stuff. Why?

First,,they don/t have mind blowing reviews when it comes to their Shakeology shakes. Second,I

feel that Shakeology is the next Herbalife stuff-Over promoted,nothing good. Third,It’s $130 for 30 servings. That is my monthly car insurance cost,so no,thank you,I’ll manage to survive without the shakes. And I did. I bought 21DF Extreme through a Beachbody Coach,just so I can be in a Accountability Challenge Group and see how their coaching actually works. I bought the 21DF on Amazon 😀

I bought $40 Organic Protein Powder from Costco (gotta love Costco) and I started.

The first 21 days I lost almost 18Lbs…yay for that. I did one week rest and continued with 21DF Extreme. This one was harder but,somehow,I managed to do it everyday. And I lost the baby weight…most of it.

How 21DF helped me through my weight loss journey?

  • Portion Control- Breastfeeding mommas have their special needs and they know that. The daily food intake is crazy and I couldn’t finish it all. But the good part is that I learned how to control myself and what to snack when I have cravings. Now,even without the containers I know how my plate should look like.
  • Muscles are made in the kitchen- You can lift for 3 hours a day, and snap your … up with heavy compound barbell exercises, but at the end of the day if you do not eat appropriately to your goals you will never look the way you want to. And dont ever rely on supplements. Just don’t.
  • Question everything and stay motivated.- No, its not easy. Especially after pregnancy. The hormones do their thing too. If it was easy everyone would have a 6 pack and huge muscles especially after 9 months of caring a baby in their belly. If you are avoiding something  ask yourself why. I avoided making a meal plan for the longest time but I got motivated and  decided to change the eating habits and rely on positive thoughts and boom,second life miracle… And Instagram…Let Instagram be your best friend.

Next step is tonning with Shaun T 😀

Wish me Luck

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The First Two Months-Survival Essentials

Surviving the first two months with a newborn,especially if you have no help like me is a tough job. I was expecting my little sunshine like nothing else,and getting prepared every day for nine months. However,things can get little crazy once the baby is here and I found myself running around Target and CVS for stuff that I didn’t know I would need,almost every other day.

So I made a list for y’all new mommas. I will break down the list to baby,and momma stuff. I used 99% of these things on a daily basis. I didn’t expect to experience reflux (didn’t even know what that means) but we did. High temperature,diaper rash,detergent rash,even mastitis (ouch). So these are my newborn essentials and are no brainer when It comes to my second baby.


Newborn Essentials:

  • Rectal Thermometer (here)
  • Gauze Pads
  • Saline Drops (here)
  • Nose Pump (Feel Free to buy the more fancy one –here)
  • Hyland’s #10 Nat. Pros 6X Tablets (These helped me a ton when Mattea had reflux-here)
  • Vitamin D-drops (Please buy the real Vit. D drops. DON`T BUY ENFAMIL!!!  here)
  • Catnip and Fennel Extract (Colic Saver for Us- here)
  • Caraway Seeds (Helped through Colic too. Ill have a different post on this one here)
  • Organic Chamomile Tea (here)
  • Baby Chest rub Cream (This one works like magic- here)
  • Burt`s Bees Baby Ointment (Awesome for diaper rash as well as daily use- here)
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Tons of different uses for this one- here)
  • Infants Tylenol (here)

Mommy Essentials:

  • Bio-Oil (Stretch Marks First-Aid- here)
  • Stretch Marks Cream (here & here)
  • Women’s Enzymes (here)
  • Women’s Probiotics (here)
  • Laxatives (here)
  • Aloe Vera Drink (here)
  • Argan Oil (here)


               Breastfeeding Essentials

  • Breast Pump (I used Medela Pump in Style)
  • Breast Milk Storage Bags (here)
  • Nursing Pads (Tons of them 😀 – here)
  • Breastfeeding Shield (here)
  • Medela Breastmilk Soap (here)
  • Cream for Breastfeeding Mommas (here
  • Breastfeeding Tea (here)
  • Chap Stick ( here)
  • Hand Cream

           Formula Feed Essentials 

  • Bottles (Different Styles,different nipples,different flows… hit Target for this one)
  • Dish and Bottle Soap (here)
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush (here)
  • Drying Rack (here)


Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of these products. I bought them myself,they were not given to me. 

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Your First Breath Took Ours Away

That day…everything was so fast and crazy,at the moments scary,but beautiful. And I remember it…every second of it. Rushed at the hospital at 9am,but,hey…I had to stopped at the post office to send some packages because I had reselling business going on…

Moments of silence…then pain. A lot of pain…then silence again…

And suddenly cries…baby cries. Oh my God,my heart just melted. I burst into tears too. That moment I knew you would grow old with me,and the best is yet to be.

I felt scared,terrified. For the first time I felt so alone. Its just me,your daddy and you against the world. All by ourselves. Sounds fun I know…

I took you In my arms. I was looking at you. Feeling your heart. Watching you cry. Loving you. You are our new beginning. Our dream,hope,possibilities…you are our true blessing.

Tons of unexplainable feelings. I became a mom. We became  parents. We opened a new book. Empty,and Its time to write. Write fast,because time flies.

We are blessed…

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Me,Myself & My Family

Hello World…That’s what WordPress always says,so Hello…. 

My name is Nikolina. Please call me Nina,call me momma,Nikky…  I am wife and momma to one beautiful baby girl named Matea. Pronounce it right and get a high five 😉 Born and raised in Macedonia. Beautiful country in southern Europe. Dont ask me where is my country,ask Google.

Ended up in the USA few years ago,and maan,I love the freedom. The real freedom and the financial one. There are things that I would absolutely change If I was a President of The United States,but because I am not,I won’t complain.

However,my life changed once the baby was born…It was tough. Lots of crying,reading,running to the store million times per day…buying useless stuff was my main problem. And that’s why I decided to open this blog. I know there are thousands and thousands of women that are or will be in my shoes…so let’s do this together and help each other.


Momma Nina


P.S Did I mention that English is not my native language? 😉 If you see something (grammatically) wrong,let me know.


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